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Actions of HYIP Admins, ( Investor’s Mistakes )

Hope you have read about What is HYIP and How it works , Here you are going to know how the Admin’s behave, and How they perform as an Administrators of HYIP programs.

You know that already HYIP sites are not a guarantee job and they may scam you at any time. But you still invest and seek for something to gain from the HYIP industry. Yes, unfortunately everyone needs money. And you can not be winner all the time here. After all you need to know how administrators play with investors to make programs interesting to its investors. read out bellow, what you should not do, and general mistake’s of you.


You should never believe in attractively/ Shiny Designed prorams and don’t think such programs to last longer, They are mostly just opened to entertain you with their designs but not making you profit’s . It may cost around a $1000 for the admin , but attracting you may gain him millions from the same people like you who think its a reliable and real company.

UK Registration certificate’s :  A common thing in HYIP industry is UK Registration certificate. Sadly it is so easy to register a company name under UK company with a minimum of $300 , So you should not believe that the admin is originally living in UK . They are maybe some island too, or from next of your street 😛  ( NEW HYIP PLAYERS WHO BEGIN TO ENTER INVESTING IN HYIP’S MUST READ ) There are many online website who are providing UK Certificates for HYIP websites and other investment programs.

I want to see big payment:  Some people are crazy, and they know that HYIP is a game. But they still save their money in their HYIP sites accounts and they want to cashout all at one time, like weekly/monthly, IT is always recommended that you should cashout your interest from all the HYIP sites every day, You do not know when they stops paying. admin’s may feel bad to pay you big amounts, so cashout every day small amounts.

Do not invest in Holidays: A program is has been paying for years already, and you just found that from a monitor. So you want to invest there. But some of the admins will gift you as a gift close their programs just before christmas or new year , Because they want to celebrate it 😛  , Another thing some of the websites pays only on Business Days, It is recommended that you shouldn’t invest on friday, as saturday and sunday , you will loss 2 days of interest, It is recommeneded to invest on sunday , You can see your accruals on MOnday.

Investing all in One place:  Do not invest all your money in one place, if it scam’s you have no choice, Always mix the programs with High RCB + Low RCB, Short term + Mid term, if one is OUT, the another one can save you. even though you need to gather information about the websites you are going to invest in.

Article will be updated as time goes with if more information is available. Thanks for reading.

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