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HYIP’s Common Words , Meanings

So, You know HYIP the full meaning is HIGH YIELD Investments. Here know more about all of the general words that all the people used to chat and discuss about a HYIP in forums, and chat rooms.

H & R : Hit and RUN programs. which are fast scams.

RCB : Referral commission Back.  If you have registered in a hyip MONITOR , they will provide you back the commision they received for deposited amount from you to the hyip program. The amount which you receive back from the monitor is called Referral Commision Back

A1D : After 1 Day Investment programs are called A1D

MID Term:  Higher interest with principal included are called Mid term

Long term: Lowest interest with principal return after 2 months or 3 months are called long term

Principal : The investment you made to a program is called YOUR “Principal” which is your main investment

ROI: The profit you generates from your investment is called ROI ” Return ON Investment”

Piggybank: Programs that are allows you to withdraw your principal investment at any time is called Piggybank programs.

Calender Days: If a programs says calender days, You will receive interest for your investment 7 days a week.

Business Days: If a programs says Business Days, You will receive interest for your investment 5 days a week

( Mon to Friday )

BEP : The full form is Break even Point,  when your total interest you received from a program is meets equally with your invested money, the situation is called “Break even Point” after all the interest you will receive is pure profit.

Compounding:  Some of the HYIP’s and revshares will offer this to maintain the quality of program. A part of your  daily interest you generate will be reinvested back to generate more earnings. ( NOT RECOMMENDED )

DDOS: If you see any news from a program says We are under DDOS attack, It means the website is having issues due to hackers are trying to take the website down , So u may face the website will not load and appear online for some time.

SCAM: The website is already stopped paying, investments will be not paid back. the admin is already enjoying your money. you have lost all the money.

There is no more important Words i found, if you have something to share , you can, i will add it to article.

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