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Not All Monitor’s are Good , WHY ?

What is a Monitor ? 

Hello readers, So you wonder what is a Monitor,  Monitor’s are the websites where all the HYIP’s ,  old to new , scam to Legit all you can see at one place.   Those all the websites will be listed by the HYIP Administrators their self for a fee ( similar to renting a place in their house ) . And the amount monitors get paid from HYIP Owners ‘s are will be invested back to the hyip admin’s website for monitoring if the program paying or not. Monitors are updated daily with payment  proofs, and if program stops paying the status of the program will be changed to “Waiting” Scam” etc depending on the situation. So basically no Monitor will invest their own pocket money unless it is comes with some background and some certain situations.

Why Not All Monitor’s are Good ?

We are in 2016. Administrators maybe smart, But “Never underestimate a common man  investor, Investors also so smart. But still there are new people join the HYIP industry every day and minute. And they believe that Monitors are a good option to search for the legit programs to invest their hard earned money. Sad thing is there is already thousands of if not Hundreds of Monitors available. and most of the Monitors are crap, bullshit.

Since monitors costs not more than 200 and having a stupid template over to it. everybody is owning their own monitors and committing to work together with scamy admin’s of HYIP programs.  Such monitors are always get paid some extra bucks from the administrators for showing FAKE STATUS for the programs. So new people unfortunately will follow these monitors and get scammed . We always recommend you to check all the monitors. Even if you see a red flag from a single monitor , never invest in that program.

This is how the HYIP Industry changed Bad Bad so BAD. We wish you good luck and profitable years always. Invest wise, take decisions yourself. read experts articles. Follow them often to be in safe side among the crowd of scams.


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