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BetStar.biz – Betting on Sports – Review – Read Here

Hello viewers & Readers,

Its time to discuss about BetStar – Best Investments in Sports Betting The completely clean program & A Very newly launched program, BetStar.biz is Officially launched Online Just one Day ago on 4th April 2016.  and it is using Goldcoders Licensed Script & Uses DDos-Guard Hosting for High security and protection from Hijacks,  DDos attacks. Betstar.biz the design of it is completely made Unique and gives the visitors professional touch on each end of it. I have myself checked it on Mobile view, and it looks perfect in Mobile view. The homepage explains About the concept of the program including investment plans with a clear view, Coming to the inside part of the program, it is very clear to the logged in users, all the needed tools are available with no confusion. It is designed so friendly,  And faq cleared all the common investors questions with different style. So we see that responsibility is on top. BetStar is registered officially with an UK Certificate. Company number : 10089453 Click to Validate

 Betstar came with a rare concept of Betting on Sports. Where the investments of the investors will be used in betting on sports to make profits to the investors. Feel the difference here with betting on sports than always investing in forex. BetStar is a Long term program with Principal included plans which is good to go for investors. Betstar required minimum is $10 Only to get in the program to receive daily earnings from it. Betstar works 24/7 And all the principal included plans are will generate interests All 7 Days a week. Every day is a Earning day. Bello we can discuss about BetStar Profitable plans.

Said that it is just the 2nd day, Most of the people join the long terms early and they will have the high chance’s of making profits. Also Betstar not yet featured in many RCB monitors, and not started yet with its advertising. But so far already many investors are joining it, ofcourse joining early is a must important. And it is recommended too. The craze of long term programs are breaking the limits already, so it is not much needed to advertise as well, It is needed maybe under circumstance’s only. If you read below, you will know that betstar promising higher returns which will easily attract many investors, and it can extend the programs lifetime with good promotion also.

BetStar Currently offering 7 Investment plans, All the plans are providing High returns.  Among all of them first 6 Plans are provide daily interest with principal included . And the 7th plan  is Weekly plan which pays After 7 days, Your deposit will be paid back including interest, More details below, The homepage is provided with a calculator where you can calculate your profit for your investment.

5% Daily:  Here you can invest with as low as $10 Minimum investment , and maximum investment is $499. Investment period 30 Days , This plan offers 5% Daily for 30 Days and it is principal included, the total ROI ( Return on Investment ) is 150%  [ If you have invested $100 , You will receive $150 in total ] 

5.5% Daily: Here you can start with some higher investment of $500 Minimum, And maximum investment is $999, Investment period is 30 Days, This plan offers 5.5% Daily for 30 days and principal is included. the total ROI is 165% , [ If you have invested $500, You will receive $825 in total ] Your profit is $325

6% Daily: This plan requires $1000 of minimum deposit, and the maximum investment can be invested is $1999. Investment period 30 Days. Here you will receive 6% Daily for 30 Days on your investment and principal is included. The total ROI is 180%, [ If you have invested $1000, You will receive $1800 in total ] Your profit is $800

6.5% Daily: This plan requires $2000 High investment and it is minimum to enter into this plan, Maximum is $4999 . Investment period is 30 Days, this plan offers 6.5% Daily interest on your investment with principal included. Total ROI is 195% [ If you have invested $2000, You will receive $3900 In total ] Your profit is $1900

7% Daily: Minimum investment required here is $5000, And the maximum investment $9999, Investment period is 30 Days with a daily interest of 7% Daily , And principal is included . Total ROI 210% . [ If you have invested $5000, You will receive $10500 in total ] Where the $5500 is your pure profit. 

8% Daily: Here the last plan of the Daily category plans of this program. which is providing 8% Daily, which is also highest interest in the entire program of BetStar. Investment term is same as all the above plans 30 Days, 8% Daily with principal included option. Minimum investment required $10000, And maximum at $50000. Total ROI 240% [ If you have invested $10000 You will receive $24000 In total ]  $14000 is your pure profit. 

115% WEEKLY PLAN : For the combination of the program. BetStar also offers weekly plan, Where your investment will be paid with interest after 7 Days. the minimum investment required for this plan $1000 and there is no maximum, You can invest whatever you can. Total ROI 115% . [ IF you have invested $1000, You will receive $1150 ] Profit is $150.

Payment processors: Including the default Payment processors PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PAYEER, BetStar also accepts AdvCash as another option to investors. Every program which is recently launching is available with AdvCash.

Referral: BetStar offering 5% Referral commission for the promoters who are willing to promote the program to help it grows , and all the investors & free members also can earn Referral commission without an active deposit.

Withdraw: As long as you have $0.50 Cents in your BetStar account balance, you can withdraw them to your e-wallets, and all the payments are processed manually with in 24 hours. Minimum $0.50 Required

Support: BetStar is available with Live chat support to solve investor questions. which is most important for a program. If live chat is not available, you can have your questions solved on facebook group Here   (OR) you can email directly to the administrators below

Let’s join BetStar Today

Administrator email: support@betstar.biz 

General note: Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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