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BITMONEY.CLUB – Review – Read Here – ( SCAM )

Hi everybody !

Bitcoin – one kind of virtual currency- emerging as a current trend and bringing a lot of profits for those who own it. So, series of “Bitcoin mining” sites were born, and one of them is bitmoney.club. Nowadays, in a myriad of “Bitcoin Mining”, the selection of the site that is “value for money” to invest is a very important problem, and Bitcoin born to response your demand. And now, let ‘s find out “why does Bitmon deserve a hot option in this July.


“Love at first sight” is a phrase I can use to describe my first feeling when visiting Bitmoney and I sure that you also have the same feeling with me. The design is not too flashy nor too fussy but bringing a comfortable feeling. This is a great combination of color, fonts, decoration, the layout, all of them make a block that is very hard to separate out. But nothing is perfect, this is a review so I cannot only point out good points without criticism. Although the design is quite attractive but it is also a basic website that lacking of many necessary parts such as origin, phone number, certificates… this could be a big minus, however in general, this site is so relatively perfect.

We continue to find out why Bitmoney is the hot choice in this July. Bitmoney.club is a domain registered by Namecheap- a famous website in the field of providng domain. Domain registered with 2-year period 06.06.2016 – 06.05.2018 and the thing that I specially interested is domain.club quite exclusive. Besides, Bitmoney use Goldcoder, one common type of script that most of other HYIP sites using. Sharktech and PositiveSSL COMODO are host and SSL that Bitmoney used. SSL of Bitmoney registered on 14 Jun, 2016 and expires after one year. Such an enough overview and now let ‘s move to the main part of the site:

Welcome to BitMoney.Club We’ve all experienced the small victory of a favourable exchange rate, but what if you could make the most of these fluctuations on a daily basis and a larger scale? The dynamic foreign exchange market offers a rich investment opportunity, but only if you know how best to capitalize on its potential. At BITMONEY.CLUB, we specialize in navigating this intricate landscape on your behalf, so that you can sit back and watch your investment grow. We believe that the rewards of trading and asset management should not just be restricted to the most wealthy, or to experienced investors. The beauty of forex trading is that you can invest a small amount and see big returns – in a matter of days! Forex trading is not for the faint-hearted! The market is complex and fast-paced, and in order to make the maximum gains you have to be ahead of the game 24 hours a day. That’s where we come in. As professional traders and analysts, we have many years of experience and technical expertise, and an exhaustive understanding of the nature of the forex market. We use advanced technology and algorithms to find the most lucrative investment opportunities, and adopt cutting edge forecasting models and techniques in order to minimize the risks. We aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust“ .

Now we coe to figures. Bitmoney online on 03.07  until today is 8 days, not too short nor too long. Bitmoney attracted 25082 investors that registered and participated.

The amount of money invested in the site grew to ฿ 1047.03913053.

The recovered amount of investors: ฿690.7762422.

BITMONEY only have one plan, 1 online payment gateway and one single language that is:

PLAN: 12% daily for 12 business days. Profit is accrued khi Business Week, 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. Ex : You deposit 1, you get ฿0.12 daily  and you will receive ฿1.44 after 12 business days.



WITHDRAW: You can withdraw any amount from internal balance, but not less coal 0.0005 BTC.


REFERRAL: get 5% from deposit of every of referral.

SUPPORT: admin@bitmoney.club

And the last thing that I like most is:


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