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BullAir Limited – Review – Read Here

Hello viewers & Readers,

We talk about BullAir Ltd today.  We are in April month, And it is also a great start this month with many responsible A1D programs . Now here at another Professional admin came with  A1D program by the Name BullAir.biz , Which is launched on 5th April 2016 by the administrator Leo Peters.  BullAir uses professional Licensed Goldcoders script which can be used easily, also it is secure one on the market. Bullair hosted on Genius guard Hosting provider to fight from ddos attacks, and protecting funds of investors or any damages. it is designed Unique with a peace of mind, used professional colors to made the look is so perfect, it is good at longer templates with all the information available at first part. BullAir provided with SSL comodo certificate’s and Their company official registration Certificate’s to show the investors How Legit they are with their investors.

BullAir Official UK Registration Company No. SC268780


All the investment plans are already explained in detail on Homepage. so you don’t have to visit or search to see plans clearly, Not every admin will do this job. So there is no confusion to know what are your profits if you are going to choose a particular plan and deposit in it. To calculate your profits, it is provided with calculator at bottom of Homepage, Selecting your preferred plan

BullAir.biz is just 1 day old. and it is purchased top listing in our monitor MYHYIPS.Net. Also in some of the other monitors, It is started slowly which can be seen as a good step with good management only & Not so hurry. As BullAir.biz an A1D Program. , and it is always recommended one for the investors to step in early on every A1D even thought it is looks good at looks. We are hoping that this one can prove & will have a long life time with such idea’s and improvements from the administrators. BullAir offering 8 different types of Profitable investment plans , which we will discuss on next part. And also it is available with wide selection of payment systems, So the program having much ability and having high chance’s in making the program for a great time ,  Let’s see the plans of BullAir.biz below in more details

So, you know all A1D programs comes with common 1 Day 5 Day. 10 Day plans, it is not too hard to understand the plans, ROI’s etc..  All the investment plans are principal included in your profit. Which in meaning , your principal will not be calculated as separate investment to pay after deposit expires. example: if you have deposited $10 in After 1 day plan, You will receive in total $10.30 once deposit expires, Where your profit is $0.30 Cents.

First Plan : This plan is after 1 day plan, which means you will receive deposit + interest back after 24 hours passes. The very first plan Allows you to invest with an minimum spend of $10, Having a deposit here between $10 to $300 You will receive 103% in total ROI, deposits between $301 to $1000 will receive 105%, & between $1001 to $5000 will receive 107%, & between $5001 to $10000 will have 115% , Next more than $10001 to $25k will have 120% , & Deposits between $25001 to $50000 will have 125% ROI after 1 day.

Plan 2: This plan is After 5 Days, Where you can invest and need to wait 5 days to receive your deposit + interest. Like the first plan you can deposit with the same minimum of $10 and and the maximum can be deposited $500,00 . Interest ranges starting from 120% to 260% , If you would like to receive higher interests, You need to increase your deposit size. More details on image here : http://prntscr.com/aot5iw

Plan 3: This plan duration is After 10 Days, You can deposit from $10 minimum to $50000 maximum limit. Interests are depends on your investment, starting from 150% to 480% . Your deposit + interest will be paid after plan expiration . View in more details on image here: http://prntscr.com/aot8ld

Plan 4: This plan duration is 15 Days. You deposit from $10 minimun and upto $50000 maximum. Interests are depending on your investment size. with a 15 Days investment term it is also offering high returns after plan expiration. those are starting from 180% to 600% . You can withdraw your deposited amount + interest after 15 days completion. You can see the plan’s ROI’s here : http://prntscr.com/aot840

Plan 5: This plan duration 20 Days, minimum deposit $10, with maximum limit $50000, Interests starting from 200% to 750% . Your deposited amount + interest will be paid after 20 Days only. you can view in more details on image here: http://prntscr.com/aot9nd

Plan 6: Plan duration 30 Days. min $10 – maximum $50000, Interests ranges starting from 250% to 1100%, Deposited amount + interest will be paid after 30 days. you can see more details on image here http://prntscr.com/aotao9

The rest of 2 VIP PLans are required high minimum deposits of $250 for VIP Plan 1, And $500 for VIP Plan 2. please have a closer look on the below image for details.



After 15 Days

  • $250-$5000 – 1500%



After 25 Days

  • $500-$10000 – 2000%

Payment processors:  With advanced Payment processors BullAir managed to provide 6 Payment processors, Those are PerfectMoney, PAYEER, Bitcoin, Solidtrustpay, Skrill, Neteller, This administrator seems to be an A class who managed to get accepted by Neteller and Solidtrustpay which only used by serious administrators, and Skrill is very rare to see, and it is also plus point here. Great selection.

Withdraw: All withdraws are manually processed by the team of the program. And minimum withdraw you can do is $0.01. Withdraws will be processed with in 24 hours.

Referral: BullAir.biz offering 3% of referral program. All the members are allowed to refer new members and receive 3% ref commission if they have deposited to the program. active deposit is not required to earn commissions.

SUPPORT: For any issues or questions you can contact from the support form of the program. Or you can also make a direct call at +44 020 8533 25462  , It is recommended to have issues solved by one of the support system before complaning. You can email too directly to the administrator, email can be found below.

Let’s join BullAir today.

Administrator email: bullairbiz@outlook.com

General note: Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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