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Coiner.biz – Stable Investment Plans – Review – Read Here – ( SCAM )

Hello viewers & Readers,

Finally, after so many HYIP launches, Today we got a fantastic program , and i have got a very good mood to write something about it. Yes, I am talking about Coiner.biz only. It is a great program with a mixed investment plans of Daily, Weekly, and also after days plans. Completely cool right ? , So the program is not completely new, it is already 4 days old. And some of the pro investors have got into the program and invested. The Official launch of Coiner.biz was happened on April 8th 2016 to the Online market. Coiner’s Main concept as per their own words, Trading , & Bitcoin mining, If we can believe it they are already existed from 2010 into this business. For your information Coiner and its owners are from United Kingdom, You can find the address by looking at the right bottom of the homepage of the website.

Coiner.biz The name it sounds like a Bitcoin wallet , But it isn’t you know :) , Coiner came with a better design, i don’t say super duper, Generally i don’t love those fully sliding images which covers all the Homepage. Anyway we have all the required information what a investor wants to see at first look. Coiner uses a very known Goldcoders Licensed script, what every business holder use who wants to gain investors, because its easy and familiar script currently.  Technical side the website is fully protected from DDoS attacks by KoDDOS and hosted in highly secured servers, So, users may invest confidently and may not experience any down time, or experience any errors while investing or using their services.


So, we see the program is just 4 days, Administrator work out is very clear and perfect. Going very slowly with RCB monitors, where always the backup can be in high position with new investments to the program. We can see the plans are build to last longer. Where only 1 Plan available which pays day with a lowest percentage starting from 2% and all the next investment plans are requires you to hold your fund with them for a long period. One more thing is weekly plan available with decent Returns. We will see below how the plans are going to help investor, what it offers in clear view. It is providing calculator on Homepage to calculate your profits for the plan which you love to choose & invest. New members can go for it if you are not sure how the interest’s works.

Here, comes Coiner.Biz investment plans. In total of 8 different plans with reasonable ROI’s available. Please watch out clearly every point we are explaining about the plan.

The very First plan works as a daily return on investment but with a low ( Not high ) Interest sharing from 2% to 5% Daily , Here investors can start spending with an minimum of $10 .   If your deposit is less than $300, your daily interest will be 2%,  as follows deposits from $301 to $500 will have a daily interest of 3%,  if you have invested $501 to $1000 the daily interest will be 4%, and for deposits between $1001 to $5000 will receive a daily interest of 5%. The maximum deposit limit for the plan is $5000.  Good thing is there is no expiration for this plan. You will receive interests forever. [ If you have invested $10 here , you will reach your investment after 100 Days with a daily 2% interest, And next onwards your profit begins ]

Second Plan: This plan duration is 3 Days. You can invest a low $10 minimum spend  with maximum limit of $199 . You will receive 110% ROI for having your investment with them for a 3 days period. Your total deposited amount + interest will be paid after the plan expires. for calculation: [ If you have deposited $10 you will receive in return $11 , Your profit is $1 ]

Third Plan: It is Weekly plan. You can invest from $25, yes here minimum investment is a bit increased amount, but when you request withdraw, you can feel some good.  You will receive 160% ROI for your invested amount having your deposit there for a 7 Days period. Your deposit + interest will be paid back once plan expires.  [ If your investment is $25 , You will receive in return $40, Your profit is $15 ]

4th Plan: This plan duration is 15 Days. With another increased amount, the minimum deposit requires $99 , and maximum investment limit is $999. You will receive 240% ROI once you complete 15 Days, which is more than 2 times of your investment. [ If we calculate with the minimum investment of $99, You will receive in return $237.60, Your profit here is $138.60 ]

5th Plan: Plan duration 25 Days. Minimum investment same as the 4th plan $99 , but you have the option to increase the maximum investment to $10000. Promising 400% ROI for 25 days. Your investment + interest for the plan will be paid after plan expires. [ For $99 investment you will receive in return $396, Your profit is $297 ]

6th Plan: Plan duration 35 Days, Minimum investment increased for $499, You can invest the maximum of  $30000. You will receive 520% ROI for your investment after 35 Days. Total deposited amount with interest will be paid once plan duration completed. [ If deposit is $499, You will receive in total return $2594.80, Here your profit is $2095.80 ]

7th Plan: Plan duration 50 Days, Minimum investment $400 , and maximum investment $50000, You will have a great High ROI of 660% for 50 Days term. Your deposit + interest will be paid once 50 days passed [ If you have deposited $499, You will get in return total of $3293.40, Your pure profit is $2794.40 ]

Final Plan: Here comes Final plan of the entire program with 70 Days plan duration, which requires a very Highest  minimum deposit of $999, and maximum limit $100k . As it requires highest minimum spend it is also offering the very high ROI of 1000% for 70 Days plan period. you will receive total deposited amount with interest after you complete 70 days. [ If you have deposited $999, You will receive a total return of $9990, Your profit will be $8991.00 ]

Payment processors: Coiner.biz came with extra payment processors of AdvCash, OKPAY including the general  one’s Perfect Money, PAYEER, Bitcoin. In total of 5 Payment processors. Having the maximum chance’s to manage the program for a very long time.

Withdraws: All the withdraws are processed here INSTANTLY, Users can save time when reinvesting and withdrawing funds. Immediate reinvest is possible without waiting to see a payment to reinvest.

Referral: Coiner.biz Offering a 3% Referral commission for those who are willing to take a chance to refer new members and if they deposit to the program,

Support: The support of Coiner.biz is given some low importance where the support is a main part of the successful program. The only option available to contact one of their staff is given SUPPORT FORM (or) the email which is commonly given at any website, find the email bottom of the website. No live chat, or No social media page is available.

Let’s join Coiner.biz to increase your coins 😉

Administrator email: support@coiner.biz

General note: Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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