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Cryptonus – Professional Crypto Brokers – Review – Read Here – ( SCAM )

Hello viewers & Readers,

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, And i am here to write & introduce you about a new program to our MYHYIPS.NET Followers,  And here it is, Cryptonus.com . Ofcourse it is not new in general, and is completed Nearly  1 and half month already in Online. Most of the people might have joined already or just waiting there to see the results, So far Cryptonus is doing an excellent job for now. Cryptonus.com the official launch of the website was happened on March 7th 2016, counting on it is completed 41 days online when writing this article. Looks so strong if we see the stats.

Cryptonus as said that it is very Unqiue in total, as per the design and also the script which it is using is custom script.  There are many stories we can find , also most of the pro investors have experienced the best lifetime from the custom. Features of it on the main page of the program contains With all the useful information, Investment plans in detail , And in responsibility to he investors, each general question is explained to clear the investors confusion. Ofcourse for some it is maybe a difficult task to understand unless they are came with some basic knowledge. Cryptonus is also user friendly when it comes to worldwide members, I mean to say non-english investors from Worldwide , the website is already ready to serve in their local languages, The entire website is fully translated to the following languages of Russian, Germany, Brazilian, italian, viatnamese, So here you have the great opportunity to understand the concept completely

Coming to the promotional activities of the Cryptonus, it was started with the few monitors to have the slow gain on the Online activity, also it is maybe to increase the Life time of the program, where people impress when they see it was online for almost count less of days. Cryptonus was added to our Monitor on 15th April 2016, they are woke up it seems as the advertising is started.

Cryptonus.com works with One and Only currency “Bitcoin” Which in meaning there is no other payment processor’s are allowed nor accepted. You have to give an visit only if you are a Bitcoin player. It is said already in faq as well. Also Your investments will be taken in “BTC currency only” Those will not be converted to dollars after you invest. It is clear, the entire project is works on BTC , You are going to invest “BTC” And your payments will be paid in BTC. it is some how true not many of the investors will follow it with just BTC, and the program may face some difficulties, And at another side of this. We can also expect to see it live longer as a paying project if you look at their investment plans. Which will take a very longer term to have your profits back. lets discuss about investment offers of cryptonus below.

With a complete Different concept to all the other HYIP’s, you do not need to Register to be an investor of Cryptonus.com , So here you will not be provided with a profile or anything, They don’t need any information from you to collet you as a member of it, All you need to do to deposit is just select the Investment plan you want to invest. and fill the 2 fields, enter the  amount in BTC you wants to invest, and Your BitCOin Wallet ID. Click on the invest button, you will be redirected to the page where you can see the information for your deposit, You need to send the required funds to the wallet address you are given in the page to have your investment recorded with Cryptonus.com.

Cryptonus is currently working wth 3 Different plans. Plans durations starting from 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks. If you are going to invest here, the minimum to enter in this program is stating from Minimum 0.025 BTC which is equals to ( $10.68 At the time of writing this ) If you want to know the current BTC Value we recommend to check the current BTC Price in at PREEV.com , so by checking you are sure to note what you are investing. Here investors need to take a note that Payments are processed here Weekly with a sum of percentage and all Automatic Payments, You do not need to do anything. Just invest and sit back. All the plans are principal included.

Starting with the first Plan: 2 Weeks : Here minimum investment  0.025 BTC , So, here it is available in 3 different models.  With these 3 different models  you can ask your percentage in 3 times. 1st model of percentage offers 55%  every week for 2 weeks with total ROI: 110%, 2nd one offers 40% after 1 week. & 75% after 2nd week with total ROI: 115%, 3rd one offers 0% after 1st week, and 120% after 2nd week, total ROI 120% . 

3 WEEKS: This is the second plan of the Cryptonus, For this the minimum investment 0.05 BTC.  This one also an include of 3 Different models, Where you will be given to choose how you are going to get paid in percentage. 1st One offers 40% each week for 3 Weeks total ROI 120%, And 2nd one offers 20% after 1st week, then 30% after 2nd week, and 75% after 3 week. So the total ROI: 125%, Looking at the 3rd one offers 0% after 1st week, 40% after 2nd week, and 95% after 3 week total ROI 135%

4 WEEKS: This is the 3rd and last investment plan of the Cryptonus. Minimum investment 0.1 BTC. Same as the first 2 plans, it is also works in 3 different models with different ROI’s. 1st one offers percentages as follows, 30%, 30%, 35%, 35% for 4 Weeks with total ROI 130%. 2nd one offers 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% for 4 Weeks with the total ROI: 140%. Next the 3rd one offers 0%, 30%, 40%, 80% with the total ROI: 150%.

Here what you need to observe is each plan is allowing the investors to select how you wants to get paid interest each week. If you choose to have high interest every week, you will be provided with a low ROI in total, if you choose to get small interest , it will provide you the Best ROI in total. needs some observation. Looking at the plan which offers 0% for first week in every plan you can understand it, that is the one which offers high ROI in each investment plan. plans are some how very long term to see, but we can see some growth in mean time and a better life time.

So, there is no profile will be given to you as Registration is not needed, You may wonder how to check the in’s and out’s , History of your investment, stats etc , It is made easy for investors, to check all the stats of your BTC Wallet which you used to deposit you can just follow the URL: http://www.cryptonus.com/?wallet=yourwalletnumber  Replace the yourwalletnumber with your bitcoin address, and you will be provide with all the information.

It is already said Referral system is not available, You need to go with your own interest if you want to promote. Currently the monitors are the one’s who promoting. So let’s get your BTC Wallet ready if you are interest and want to invest in Cryptonus.com

SUPPORT: for investors of Cryptonus, support is given in multiple ways to contact them for your questions and quires, You can contact thru the skype where they are available to answer. also emailing them directly, Last but not least. Advanced support Live Chat is also available, in case of it is offline you can go for other options , support information is provided below.

Administrator email: support@cryptonus.com | Skype: cryptonus.com

So folks, Register Cryptonus.com today.

General note: Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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