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IT INVEST PROJECT – Review – Read Here – ( SCAM )

Hello viewers & Readers ,

The situation of HYIP industry is so weak since last 4 to 5 weeks, which number of programs coming and collapsed in very short time, this is really something that happens every year. and We will need to pass these days as fast as we can. and as i know everybody is looking for serious programs from Professional administrators. Something that can change the Industry situation of right now. We always welcome them and they are the part of stability in the Industry

Ok, So today we are here to discuss a program that shows something New to visitors and the global investors. It is called IT INVEST PROJECT.  With a classic design it is completely Unique to other thousands of High Yield Programs, it is good looking and made professional. IT INVEST PROJECT the domain was registered on March 2 , 2016 and Officially launched to the Online investors on June 7th 2016.

IT INVEST Project claiming that they are  an Investments manager basing the source  Information technology which will help to share profits to investors to the all world wide investors. IT INVEST PROJECT is currently a very New program that was introduced to the online investors, It is just started to show its activity in HYIP industry with the small advertising , As it is beginning of the project it is currently listed of not more than 5 Monitors, Including ours MYHYIPS.Net , The slow start is always will be encouraged. it helps the program to stand online for a good time. and having a great time to grab the investors, also it will be a profitable one for everyone.

Looking at the structure of IT INVEST PROJECT it is made so perfect as per the design and also the security of the website is taken care. It is has done with a pure quality, Administrator added a great capital to build the program. every part of the program is extremely unique. IT INVEST PROJECT is available with 4 Different languages with the launch, Not just the english men it is also giving importance by translating the program to the languages  zh-hans Chinese, vi Vietnam, ru Russian. We can expect more. So, program is so friendly to attract the Investors from Largest investor Base from Russia. It helps to extend the life time as well.

And, investment Plan is made simple . IT INVEST PROJECT Offering just ONE Investment Plan which offers 1.5% Interest rate on your invested funds. For your information Investors will receive 1.5% Interest rate on Business days. 1% On weekends. So you will receive interest on everyday. There is no Holidays at IT INVEST. To invest you need to be a registered member, And the minim deposit at IT INVEST is $10.00

PAYMENT PROCESSORS: Available payment processors are Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, It is looks like the administrator expected and have seen the Bitcoin price rocketing and it will be an issue to have it as payment option. Which is also good. As investors don’t want to see any minor issues with a program that is trying to do their best.

WITHDRAWAS: All withdrawals are paid automatically , where you do not need to request yourself a payment by looging into the website. The program requesting you to fill your wallet ID’s details not to miss your daily payment.

REFERRAL: The program IT INVEST PROJECT is currently offering 5% Referral commission to all the investors who are willing to promote it and bring new members who can deposit. You are welcome to use Referral Banners by clikcing the Advertising section, Referral Banners are available in all the website available languages Chinese, Russian, Vietnam. Once you have clicked Advertising, select the language you want the banners in from the top of the page.

SUPPORT: Contact form is currently the only option available for investors questions to ask the administrator.


General Note: Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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