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SPORTPHARMA – Sure, A Good one to Choose Currently – ( SCAM )

Hello viewers & Readers,

We do hope you are investing with the serious programs. It is some how hard to find a better program to invest in the current situation, while it is continuous there is still some hope in the corners of HYIP Industry that good one’s will appear to amaze you with the great results. So what those will be ? Here is an example one that can be a profitable program for this HOT Summer. and it is SportPharma.org , 

SportPharma.org The Company Name Pharmaco Invest Limited is officially Registered under the UK Government. Certificate No: 8543982 Public can verify the certificates. Here is the Company Certificates:- Documents

Official launch of SportPharma.org is done by Administrator Malcolm Neal Regan on the May 15th 2016. looks like it is managed by the partners named Malcolm & Alexa Shift. SportPharma.org is build with Goldcoders popular and well known script With a Quality design and the simple member dashboard that looks easy to understand the tools of the program. We would like to clear a main part for our readers Sportpharma isn’t a New program it is already a proven program that has completed nearly 2 Months Online with the great results to its investors/Supporters. After the launch there is a lot happened recently which can be appreciated that the administrator is very actively working to make the program strong and stable.

What SportPharma Says:  

PHARMACO INVEST LTD is an official English company, which works in the sphere of venture investment in pharmacology since 2013. The company is registered under 8543982 number in Great Britain Companies Registry.

We always select carefully the objects we finance and also the directions of our development, which helps us to avoid mistakes in our business. We recruit only best experts in the industry of pharmacology.

Before 2016 the company was a closed venture capital company and worked only with few investors. In the beginning of 2016 a great scandal arised. The World Anti Doping Agency disqualified 99 sportsmen from Eastern Europe, Russia and other countries for using Meldonium. Many experts think that this medication is not supposed to be in the list of prohibited drugs at all. This was a big drama for hundreds of sportsmen and their countries. It was a great damage for the sports industry in general and individual sportsmen who lost their job.

Shortly after these events a new global direction of investments to sports pharmacology has started to develop. Of course, there have been done all necessary market researches beforehand. The project got the name SPORT PHARMA INVEST. The choice of this direction was not accidental. There were a number of facts that helped us to make this choice:

  • The sport industry was becoming more and more politicized.
  • The abilities of the human body were almost exhausted.
  • The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has tightened its requirements. They included regular regenerating drugs in the list of prohibited medicines, which meant that hundreds of sportsmen became disqualified.
  • The demand for new unknown medications for sportsmen started to grow dramatically.

The updates that we can see here:  Complete its first 20 Days online,  On june 5th They have translated it to the Russian Language for the convenient of investors.

June 16th SportPharma announced its first month Financial stats $13000 of investments, $4000 Withdraws, Also they rewarded the top invesotors with bonus’s

June 22nd SportPharma website was translated to Chinese language for to attract the china market.

June 29nd Website translated to Spanish Language, Another great step to attract the American Market.  With this Sportapharma can be viewed from 3 Different languages except English of  Chinese,  Russian ,  Spanish.

The main part, investment plans of Sportpharma coming here, Let’s discuss it. So the program is offering 6 Different investment plans that are focused in the current market provides you the best Returns & Also allowing every small investor to take part in their investment plans accepting deposits from as low as $5.  We will explain it with the complete details below. How actually they works.

SPRINTER: This is 1st Investment plan that allows you to start investment from $5 Min , with the Maximum limit for this plan is $100.  Plan expiration 7 Days. Return on your investment after is 108% Example: If you have deposited $10 , You will receive $10.80 After 7 Days. here your profit is $0.80. You can only withdraw your profit + your investment after plan expires.

SPRINTER+ : 2ND Investment Plan, Minimum deposit $15.00 Maximum $300. Return on your Investment 112.5% . Investment duration 10 Days. Example: If you have made $20 of deposit. The total you receive once the plan expires is $22.50, Your profit $2.50. You can withdraw your profit + your investment after plan expires.

STAYER: Plan 3 Minimum deposit $20. Maximum: $500 . This plan is having a good Return on your investment 121% , Duration of this plan to be expired is 15 Days. Example: If you deposited $20. The total you will receive end of your investment plan is $24.20. So your profit here $4.20. Deposited amount + profits can be withdrawn once plan expires.


STAYER+: Minimum deposit: $35. Maximum: $1000, Plan duration: 21 Days. ROI ( Return on investment ) 142%. Deposit + profit can be cashed out after plan expires.

MARATHON: Minimum deposit: $42. Maximum: $42000, Plan duration: 42 Days. ROI ( Return on investment ) 210%. Deposit + profit can be cashed out after plan expires.

MARATHON+: Minimum deposit: $50. Maximum: $50000, Plan duration: 84 Days. ROI ( Return on investment ) 580%. Deposit + profit can be cashed out after plan expires. I must say this one and the 5th investment plan is risk involved. Since it is a long period of time one needs to wait and also higher ROI Which is really impossible for a program to pay such returns.

PAYMENT PROCESSORS: Choice of payment processors available. Sportpharma offering 5 different payment processors to deposit and withdraw. Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Advcash, Nixmoney

WITHDRAW: The minimum you can withdraw is $1.00

SUPPORT: admin@sportpharma.org   +44.1143597821

Join SportPharma today.

Thank you for reading,

General Note: Invest Only what you can afford to lose.

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