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What is HYIP ?

So, i would like to explain this term “HYIP” in a deep and will explain you today,  HYIP’s the full form of it is  HIGH-YIELD INVESTMENT PROGRAM, Popularly known as & Most of the people from world call it as Short form “HYIP”

HOW IT Works ? :–  HYIP’s are the investment websites  which promises to provide a Higher returns to the investors who deposit into their programs.  promises to offer extremely High returns what any national or international bank can not offer you such high interest as 5% to 500% OR maybe more. Yes that is why so called HYIP = HIGHER RETURNS. You get it right,

Generally HYIP’s claim that they will generate income for all the investors from ” Trading on forex, Betting on games, events, Or selling waste etc. You can only find one common word from most of the HYIP’s that is “Forex Trading”  In general no HYIP website will do what they say, Yes i mean they don’t even trade, But investors doesn’t care about it what they promises to do to provide you benefits.  Even if they do trade so , Nobody can be a winner all the time in trading. unless they are born to trade , or the son of jesus 😀

The Clear Point How they pays ?:  Most of the HYIP’s are works and pays by depending on the new investors.  They just pay the old investors from the new investors, What if there is no new deposits coming in ? Yes, that’s the end point of every HYIP. And that is how the Admin’s works. If no deposits yes the shop ( HYIP ) Will be closed.

Ofcourse, no admin will put their own pocket money for the people sake , it is all depends on new investments of newly joined people. When it don’t works , nothing will works. It’s all just A PONZI believe it not.

Please read how to be in safe side in HYIP in our next article. 

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